Virtual City

Virtual City

Virtual City is a comprehensive city simulation game

Virtual City is an entertaining city building simulation and transportation management game. Though it doesn’t necessarily attempt to be realistic or re-create real-life city management and transportation aspects, it’s still quite complex, including a lot of features and game aspects that require the player’s attention.

The visuals are pretty nice as well, though they don’t come with sophisticated elements like zooming in to the ground level. The game looks cute and colorful, even though it’s only a city simulator and this type of games usually doesn’t focus as much on this aspect as they do on their complexity and gameplay appeal.

Virtual City is truly comprehensive: it lets you build houses and all kinds of buildings, produce and transport goods, create mass-transit systems for your citizens, or even plant trees and mind the city’s look. You can even eventually deal with macroeconomic crisis or natural disasters. Once you manage to keep every key parameter like the population’s happiness, the city’s income, or the state of the environment in control, your management skills will be finally revealed.

The game also offers tens of challenging levels, different locations setups, distinct missions and scenarios, a large variety in terms of types of buildings and transportable goods, and many others. To sum it all up, Virtual City gets my recommendation, as it leaves little to criticize and offers a lot of undeniable advantages.

Margie Smeer
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  • Decent visuals
  • Plenty of levels, mission scenarios, and location settings
  • Affordable


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